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Web Marketing

Creating a website is a process that requires several steps to be strictly followed. We take care of the entire process, from the production of content such as photos and videos, through shooting at the company, writing the texts and translating the website into several languages. Each page of the website is created to perfectly fit any device from which it will be visited, both mobile and desktop. Having a graphically beautiful site is not enough, you need to have a website that ranks at the top on Google. To achieve this result you need a constant updating of the website that should be enriched with content periodically, articles and news that generate traffic, and make the website climb positions on Google.

Step 1



The first step for the realization of a good website is to collect in a wise way information necessary for the development. To know the professional or the company that commissions us to create the website, establish what are the objectives to be achieved through the analysis of the market, competitors and decide together the way forward.

Analysis Strategy

Today the customer is often more informed than the seller because he informs himself on the network. Before proceeding with the purchase the customer reads, asks opinions on social media, watches video reviews and goes through a decision-making process that ends with the choice. For this reason it is not enough to have a “perfect” website, it is necessary to create a real commercial strategy and this is our strong point.

The name of your website is actually selected, it is important to choose it carefully, in this we will help you. If you don’t have a strong brand or one already known as Coca-Cola, we offer descriptive solutions, that is, a name that describes the type of business you have carried out, the service you offer, the product you sell, as people and also the search engines will understand who you are from the domain itself. A short domain is the best choice and together with the extension .it or .com, it helps people who are looking for you to find you easily.

A website is like a person, let’s call it Marco. First we build Marco’s body in HTML. Everyone wants Marco to be beautiful, so we use CSS and we make it beautiful, attractive, muscular and with trendy clothes, but what Marco is useful for if he can’t move? We bring his hands and legs to life using Javascript. Now that Marco walks, runs and can do everything, sooner or later he will be bored, let’s give him a girl, that’s why we add PHP. Now Marco is happy.

Depending on the type of service or good that the company offers, the customer must always be able to find a site simple and intuitive to use, so as to allow him to get to the goal with the fewest possible clicks. More than 80% of web traffic starts from a smartphone or tablet and the site must be perfectly readable even from these mobile platforms, otherwise, a site that is not readable from these platforms will be abandoned in a few seconds , especially if it is heavy to load on a mobile connection. For this reason each page of the site we design is analyzed with specific tools that measure the loading time from different platforms.

Step 2


This is the funny part of our work, our passion, creating with a touch of madness. We are an integrated communications agency made up of a team of creative minds. It’s time for brainstorming, the phase in which we “invent” the design of the website so that it is unique and impresses the end user through the touch of emotion that best represents the brand. “The secret of communication is what stays in the head” is our motto. Every single pixel of the website, from the graphics to the code, hides within it all our creativity, animations, slides, fonts, photographs, videos are our aces in the hole.

Winning Creativity

Everything we write on the website is written by our team of copywriters, the “communication writers”. Depending on the type of client to be reached, a different language and style is needed, the copywriter indeed, in collaboration with the art director formulates an idea, a creative “plan” that brings with it the goal of illuminating the values of the brand, keeping in mind a fundamental rule, text and images must be consistent together or must complement each other.


The image of a website is everything users will see. Every graphic element of the website, from the button to the photo, is designed and created by our team of graphic designers and web designers. Where necessary, we create indoor and outdoor photo shoots.  For more information please refer to the Graphic Design page.

150 years of Youtube videos are seen every day. It is necessary to talk about experience marketing, where the user lives, feels, recognizes and shares what he sees through a movie. Our graphic department makes every type of video necessary to best represent the brand image. From the short video for an advertising campaign on social media, to the corporate documentary, to storytelling, to the TV commercial, we plan every phase from production to post-production, up to distribution on the various web, television and cinema channels. For more information see the Video Marketing page.

Step 3


Having a nice site is not enough. Customers who already know the company, therefore, the website, if already existing, will benefit from the renewed graphics and content. And the people who do not know you, how to get them on your site and convert them into customers? It is here that it becomes essential to perform a meticulous work of optimization for search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) that through the analysis, modification and refinement of every single page of the website and the individual keywords can significantly improve and optimize the visibility of the site on Google and the most used search engines. SEO is a work that must be performed periodically also through the production of unique and updated content on the website, which allows to overcome the competition on google, when a user searches for a specific keyword.

To be First on Google.

It is essential in a strategic website positioning process to study online competition. We conduct a careful market analysis, primarily analyzing the marketing strategies of online competitors, how the competition moves on the web. Then we draw up a report on users’ research habits on the web, which is cross-referenced with the client’s request in order to define with surgical precision the strategy to be undertaken and to have an estimate of the position the website can aspire to.

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization that is carried out on a website so that it appears among the first places in the search engine results. This result can be achieved both through organic positioning techniques (Keywords, Seo Copywriting) and paid (Google Ad Words). The SEO activity that we carry out includes a series of steps both on- site and off-site or constant analysis and is essential for a website to be successful. Having a nice and fast website but not having it indexed is like not having it at all, because nobody will find it on Google, it’s like opening a pizzeria on top of a mountain and marveling at not having customers.

Do you sell office products and want your advertising to appear only on the smartphones of users who have an online billing application installed? We make this possible through mobile advertising . Today it is possible to “hit” a specific target group, such as only users who own a specific brand of smartphone or who are already customers of a specific company or telephone operator, or who reside in a specific geographical area . All this allows us to maximize results without wasting investments.

Is it possible to be first on Google without waiting? Yes, by paying Google to start a Google Ads ( Pay Per Click ) campaign and the result is guaranteed. – With this method every time a user searches on Google for a certain keywords or groups of keywords (e.g. Salerno dealer) and we are paying Google to make sure that our website is linked to those keywords, we will be the first to appear among the results. We design and implement Google Ads campaigns; however a successful campaign needs constant monitoring to maximize the result with the least investment for the brand. The advantages of a Google Ads  campaign are countless, first of all the targeting by region, city or location, we can choose to set the ads to be seen only by residents in a specific geographical area.

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