"The result of good communication is what remains in people's heads"

Communicating in the 21st century means knowing how to use new technologies correctly, considering them as means to convey the message, the true object of communication. Starting from this assumption, it is possible to describe the basic reasons that led Creatiwa Studio and Giffoni Film Festival to design the Giffoni Creative Awards.

The project.

Within the scope of the portfolio of services that the agency offers, Creatiwa Studio devotes considerable resources to the creation and/or enhancement of corporate events and/or those with a strong creative impact. In the Event management area, Creatiwa Studio's CEO & Co-Founder, Giovanni Sapere, conceived and designed the Giffoni Creative Awards, an event aimed at enhancing brands and creatives who have distinguished themselves in communication projects targeting children and young people. The event is divided into two sections, one called the "Creative Awards" and the other "Creative Labs". The first section is dedicated to the awarding of advertising communication projects with a target audience, while the second "department" concerns the development of creative workshops to develop communication projects on behalf of various brands that in various ways become part of the event.

The event is scheduled throughout the year:

⦁ The establishment of training courses on communication and advertising for the target audience of children;
⦁ The realization of thematic workshops by partner companies;
⦁The institution of the Museum of Advertising.


Partners. Many are the partners who have granted their patronage so that the event could be established and set up all the activities listed above. Below you can find the list of sponsoring partners of the event: ⦁ ASSOCOM
⦁ IAB Italy
⦁ Prioritalia
⦁ Advertising progress
⦁ Italian marketing company (SIM)
⦁ Italian association of public and institutional communication
⦁ Ninja marketing, as a valuable resource to understand the changes taking place in marketing and communication, as well as the technological and social innovation behind the evolution.
⦁Wired, a journalistic reference point that reaches millions of users, providing news, rankings, reviews, videos, galleries and infographics to tell the best of communication and innovation.

The aims and subjects involved - The jury.

The event considers that the creative communication and advertising projects nominated for the Creative Awards will be selected and evaluated by the Commission to assign them to one or more categories. The jury is made up only of young people selected by the Giffoni Film Festival, which examines all the selected projects and decides the winner of each category. The subjects involved in various ways participate in the event are Italian or international companies or brands that have created a creative communication project for children. The unique purpose of the event therefore coincides with the realization of a unique experience in the world of communication and advertising for young people.

The advantages and opportunities

The workshops are held in four weeks prior to the event. The group of participants selected by the Giffoni Film Festival Commission elaborate, with the help of some professionals in the communication sector, a creative communication and advertising project on behalf of a company that commissioned the work. The subjects involved range from communication agencies of the various brands, to art directors, copywriters, graphic designers and communication professionals. The ultimate goal of the work is the development of a communication and advertising project for the brand company entrusted to the working group. The winning project is announced during an evening at the Giffoni Film Festival.

Creative Awards Labs.

The advantages and opportunities related to the event are of various nature:

⦁ Implementation of the partner company's brand recognition and resonance
⦁Development of a communication project for a target group of young people
⦁ Advantages related to the recognizability and authority of the brand "Giffoni Film Festival".

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