Ecoteam s.r.l., is a family business located in the Salerno area, historical enterprise in the multiservice sector.

Moving, industrial and civil cleaning, deratization etc. founded 40 years ago by Enrico Genovese, now also followed by his son Angelo Genovese.
A family business, which has been able to gain the favor of customers, thanks to its know-how, passion for quality services and technological development. All these characteristics have allowed it to participate and win several public contracts throughout Italy, boasting today more than 100 employees and a shed in the Industrial Area of Salerno of over 2500 square meters.

Angelo and Enrico Genovese guarantee today the highest quality assured by the highest standards, thanks to the selection of ecological and non-polluting products for the environment, as well as thousands of modern equipment used in every phase of the cleaning intervention. For Ecoteam, quality is not only the most important feature of the service, but also the foundation of the strategic vision, which derives from the equally important organizational quality, from research to marketing to technological evolution, from the professionalism of the staff to the participation of all employees with a common vision of business development. Success would not have been possible without a constant search for improvement through the adoption of modern equipment, detailed analysis of the territory.

Objective and project: the effectiveness of the viral.

In parallel with the modernization of the company, the company has become aware of the scarce presence on the web and social platforms, and the need has grown to add a greater number of clients from the private sector, such as: on-trade, gymnasium, schools, swimming pools, professional offices (lawyers, notaries...), medical offices, supermarkets and shopping centers, car showrooms, private clinics and diagnostic centers, theaters, cinemas, kindergartens and condominiums. Leveraging the experience of the company, their faithful collaborators, the equipment used and the reliability of the products used, they decided to spread their brand identity in the territory.

With this premise, they have entrusted the realization of a strategic plan to a communication agency (Creatiwa Studio - Salerno), which has carried out an accurate market survey, according to which the public administration is the most important client, that the cleaning sector is seen as a luxury by those who request its intervention, so there is a demand for improvised people who, in order to earn money, carry out various jobs including cleaning. Without taking anything away from these people, we want to emphasize that in order to carry out an effective and long-lasting cleaning, especially for companies and offices of high mileage, the cleaning company is a necessity and a security for themselves and others.

With the use of specific equipment, certified products and qualified personnel, for years our customers, throughout Italy, can take advantage of our services. The interest of being more present in Salerno, has inspired the creativity of the advertising campaign, whose objectives were: ⦁ To make the Ecoteam brand known to the public;
⦁ To transfer the values of th ebrand: experience, point of view, reliability;
⦁ Increase the number of contracts with professionals and private companies;
⦁ To carry out geolocalized promotional activities to create a link with the territory and the chosen target.

To achieve these objectives it was necessary to use the most effective and authoritative media, i.e. TV and the web, achieving a natural vision by the target audience of the brand values. But in this case history we will talk about the consumer engagement activity implemented through the use of the viral, an original poster campaign that aims to involve the public. The object is the torment of dub dance", a celebratory pose made known by a famous footballer and an American dance, an original and effective move, without detaching ourselves too much from our brand image and mission.

Taking advantage of this, we took 3 male subjects representing 3 freelancers: the dentist, the cook and the lawyer, each one disguised as a professional representative. The cook with the characteristic white hat and jacket, the lawyer in a suit and tie and the dentist with mask, bonnet and green apron. All three were photographed in dub dance pose with a writing describing the mood of the client after the performance of the company.(see photos)

The three plants have been positioned in areas of railway junction and extreme visibility, with a clear and easy to understand message, both to make it easily readable for those who are driving and to immediately legalize the brand to the message you want to launch.

In synthesis.

This work has been possible starting from the study of an easily understandable sentence, driven by the need for a clean environment that can only offer advantages. The workplace is the most lived-in space in the day, requiring therefore, more attention to hygiene, making the environment more favorable to productivity and mental relaxation. So if the target audience is that of the professional, it is he who has the last word on the intervention and he is satisfied because his workplace has been effectively sanitized. To realize your advertising campaign, fill out the contact form and within 24h you will receive a response to your request.

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