According to data from Groupon's Doxa survey, 56% of SMEs invest heavily in Marketing&Communication, but about 40% still do not have a corporate website, and seven out of ten companies believe that it is possible to build a good reputation without investing in Web Marketing activities. An encouraging picture emerges from the latest Assinform Report "Il Digitale in Italia 2017" which highlights the need to support small and medium enterprises to face the digitization process and double investments in web marketing.
The growing need to build a brand that can successfully enhance and consolidate the Podere San Vincenzo brand on the market, has led the brothers Walter and Tony Procida to reserve about 5% of annual sales in Marketing & Communication since October 2017 to achieve a higher relative market share.

The project.

Constantly supported by the CEO&Co-Founder of Creatiwa Studio Giovanni Sapere, Podere San Vincenzo decided to turn to an integrated communication agency to launch a strategy to improve the external perception of the Podere brand, aiming to expand the breadth and resonance of brand awareness so that the public would build a positive reputation towards the Podere brand.

The strategy: the main areas of intervention.

The design of a branding strategy has drawn up an operational plan that includes activities in the following areas:
⦁ Revision of the corporate image
⦁ Updating of the website with the realization of a corporate storytelling
⦁ Web marketing activities: creation and management of a Facebook page

The above mentioned activities have been listed in the time order in which they were carried out. First of all, the corporate image has been revised in order to enhance the values of the Podere brand in a modern way.Therefore, a careful analysis of the visual was carried out, which led to an immediate modification of all the pre-existing graphics, ranging from the packaging of the products to the signs outside the stores to the info-graphic materials used by administrative employees and sales stants , without forgetting the graphics on the trucks owned by the structure. The new graphic design has projected in a modern key the values and philosophy that have characterized Podere San Vincenzo for 60 years.

The change of course.

The company's digitization process is at the heart of the partnership between Creatiwa Studio and Podere San Vincenzo. In parallel with the process of revising the corporate image, the real process of digitizing the company has been set up with the restyling of the existing website on the previously used domain, making the latter functional to business needs, within which a content blog has been created. In order to give greater authority to the brand, an animated storytelling has been created that has allowed to transmit in a viral way the history, values and qualities that have distinguished the Podere for 60 years.


In the field of communication, digital marketing represents an important development opportunity for Podere San Vincenzo. It has been decided to open a corporate Facebook page that includes a series of content marketing activities foreseen by an editorial calendar covered by secrecy. The decision to communicate through social networks today allows us to bring the company closer to the public of potential customers of the network, and in addition has allowed the company to create a positive reputation on the web, which is positively related to the construction of a brand image of absolute value.

Digital marketing.

At an operational level, it is inevitable that the company has had to overcome a phase of initial upheaval due to fears related to a business mode linked to old conservative practices that struggle to integrate into the logic of marketing that assume activities related to intangible assets such as the brand, which are outside the ordinary logic of business. However, the attitude of extreme professionalism and willingness of the Parties has allowed an attitude of closeness to the new logics introduced in the company, involving all the owners and employees in a new way of conceiving the Podere company.

The numbers and benefits obtained.

The reconstructed site has planned the creation of 10 internal pages, within which a content blog has been created. The realization of the coordinated image revision process has involved the creation of ad hoc graphics on all the different materials used in the company such as signs and directions, graphics for TIR, aprons for employees, but it is mainly in the new packaging of the products that the coordinated image process takes shape. A central element of the digitalization process is the company storytelling, which fully represents the creative inclination of those who manage the communication and marketing of the Podere

As agreed with the ownership of the company, the expected objectives, and the results achieved at the time of writing, are substantiated by the constant consolidation of the Podere brand on the regional and foreign agri-food market, supported by an improvement in brand perception among potential consumers.

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