Historically, the agri-food sector has played the role of driving force of the Italian economy, so much so that between 2012 and 2016 the turnover of the agri-food sector increased by 22%, mainly rewarding food categories characterized by a high rate of innovation and specialization. As far as the canning industry is concerned, in the same four-year reference period, the turnover increased by 41%. The digitization assumes more and more importance in order to achieve a sustainable growth during the time, so much that the 4 companies out of 10 have started platforms of e-commerce sites , but there are 9 the companies out of 10 that have started deeply rethinking the processes of reorganization.

The growing need to position the "Galletto" brand more effectively on the market has led the owners Enrico Perano & Figli to establish a collaborative relationship with the communication agency "Creatiwa Studio" and make investments in Marketing & Communication.

The Project.

Constantly supported by the operating group of Creatiwa Studio, Galletto's company has decided to tackle the digitization process to improve the external perception of the Galletto brand, aiming to consolidate and deepen the breadth and resonance of brand awareness so that the brand is recognized as economically relevant in the outlet markets.

The Strategy: the main areas of intervention.

- Revision of the corporate image
- Corporate digitization process: website updating and video presentation
- Communication plan
- Web marketing activities: Activation and management of a Facebook page

The above mentioned activities have been listed in chronological order of realization. First of all, the partner company was made aware of the gap between the perceived product and the real product. Therefore it is necessary to get out of a local perception of the brand, to work the brand image, thus elevating the brand on the market, so as to implement its recognizability and authority.
On a practical level, it was decided to intervene on the visual aspect, which led to an immediate modification of all the pre-existing graphics, ranging from the packaging of the products to the signs outside the stores, to the info-graphic materials used by administrative employees and sales assistants, not forgetting the graphics that cover heavy vehicles. The new graphic design has projected in a modern key the values and philosophy that have characterized the Galletto company for 60 years.

The revision and step change.

The digitization process of the company represents the most important step to be taken within the growth process. After the process of revision of the corporate image, we proceeded to implement the process of digitization of the company, starting from the restyling of the website, implementing its performance from both desktop and mobile, so as to increase organic traffic to the site. In order to give greater authority to the brand, an animated storytelling has been created that has allowed to transmit in a viral way the history, the values and the qualities that have distinguished the Galletto company for 60 years.

The communication plan.

The communication strategy has made the Galletto brand authoritative and credible on the market. With a view to increasing the value of the brand image, Creatiwa Studio believes that communication should become a sales argument for the commercial area of the partner company. In this way, the workers' sense of belonging is implemented, with a positive impact on the company performance. At the objective level, therefore, the communication plan aims to promote geolocalized activities, generating a strong link with the territory through media such as TV and social networks.

Generating a qualitatively superior vision implies an .
increase in brand equity, i.e. an increase in sales

Digital identity and digital marketing.

The Galletto company has been able to create a very precise digital identity thanks to the creation of a functional website and the implementation of outdated graphics. As part of social networks, a Facebook page has been opened and managed, which is fed by activities planned as part of the content marketing strategy that aim to tell stories. The page therefore enjoys excellent rates of interaction and above all has acquired its presence and authority online (incidentally, the page now has 6774 followers). As part of the editorial activities, a thematic content blog has been set up on the website that Creatiwa Studio has associated with the generation of quality content for the company page, aiming to arouse the interest of customers towards the Galletto brand.

The criticalities: suggestions for reflection.

It is inevitable to highlight how the Galletto company at the beginning of the three years of collaboration has tackled with extreme caution the process of company digitalization, maintaining a conservative attitude linked to the logic of family management of the company. However, the parties have benefited from the mutual professional esteem, thus allowing the partner agency to introduce new logics in the Galletto company, involving the owners and employees in a new way of doing business.

The numbers and benefits obtained.

The reconstructed site has provided for the creation of 10 internal pages, within which a content blog and a page where the video presentation was uploaded were created. The realization of the coordinated image revision process has provided for the realization of ad

hoc graphics on all the different materials used in the company such as signs, road signs, TIR graphics, but it is mainly in the new packaging of the products that the coordinated image process has been realized. A central element of the digitalization process is the company storytelling, which gives authority and recognition to the Galletto brand. When we write to you, the main objective is the constant consolidation of the Galletto brand on the regional and foreign agri-food market, supported by an improvement of the brand perception among potential consumers. The provisional quarterly figures are encouraging, but the final data on the 2017 financial statements amount to about 20 million euros.

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