"3 months of work, a compelling campaign".

With this premise we tell you about our work, characterized by strategic choices derived from a project planned and studied in detail, which gave the right identity to the election campaign for the 2016 election campaign of Giffoni Valle Piana. We tell you a path, the result of a set of activities and skills of professionals, driven by tenacity and passion to the achievement of an important result, under the guidance of spin doctor Giovanni Sapere, a visionary, lover of creativity and strategic communication.


The election committee was located not far from that of the main opponent (Ugo Carpinelli), and was set up with advertising material that respected the corporate image, representing the logo of the civic list Giffoni common good and the slogan.

The Campaign.

The highlights.
1) N.2 Government Plan Presentation Events
2) Creation of Facebook live during the candidate interviews
3) Final event with video presentation of the Candidate
4) June 5th, the victory
Before proceeding with the story of the election campaign, it is important to describe the initial situation that reigned in the territory, that is dissatisfaction, resignation and tiredness for the abandonment by the institutions.
The name of the list was "Giffoni bene comune", a few words but significant, the group of candidates were headed by the mayor candidate Antonio Giuliano. For the organization of the electoral process were requested professional figures able to support the candidate in every step: a web developer who developed the website of the list, a graphic designer, a social manager, a press officer, a videomaker, an event organizer, a copywriter, a secretary, and external support staff, but especially a spin doctor who coordinated the working group, Giovanni Sapere.
At the head of communication with the aim of developing a Roi of the candidate, without making him appear embarrassed and detached, a real work of Neuro-Marketing was carried out, with the aim of grafting in each candidate and staff a new form of mind, abandoning the obsessive observation of the opposition by copying its steps. The widespread disorganization in the electoral committee did not lay the right winning basis for the campaign.
On the other hand, it is precisely the field of advertising to be fertile ground for Neuro-Marketing, and thanks to this was born a harmonious and well synchronized collaboration. To bring the people closer to the new mayoral candidate, more techniques were applied, from the development of emotions to the involvement of printed and video advertising, to the analysis of the territory and the strengths and weaknesses of both the opposition and the candidate.

"Per il bene di Giffoni"

After consolidating the working group and the candidates to a positive vision aimed at success, they embraced the strategic plan organized by the spin doctor. Each of them shot a selfie video to explain the motivations and objectives of their candidacy and with an editing work was launched a single presentation spot, in addition mini spots were made representing the topics of the activities included in the government plan.

Insert selfie videos and mini spots from YouTube.

The campaign plan included the use of traditional media: radio, television, newspapers and billboards, the latter were subject of discussion and curiosity. Posters measuring 6x3 meters were posted on several plants without party logo and candidate name, but with only the slogan on the blue background and yellow line to highlight the phrase.

Obviously in support of the campaign was created a coordinated image consisting of flyers, posters, advertising sails and commercials. Absolute novelty, however, was the introduction of digital in several forms, from the Facebook live, the only mayor to have made it after the Candidate President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, to the creation of a website to support the committee list with a messaging service WhatsApp, which allowed citizens to actively participate in the campaign, exposing their problems.

Enter a live feed.

The introduction of the social networks made the candidate share contents, ideas and projects for the future of the Giffonese territory and express his strong bond with the territory through his personal Facebook profile. The push in the use of social media was given by the awareness that the exclusive use of traditional media such as radio, newspapers or television, would divert much of the consensus in the direction of his political opponent Carpinelli, who already boasted a wide popularity among citizens for 30 years. The staff of the future mayor was able to manage the pressure and to ensure direct contact with as many of the citizens of the city as possible.

To get to know the candidate.

The candidate for mayor, Antonio Giuliano, was Nurse of Neurosurgical Operating Room, since 1993, at the Hospital of Salerno San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi D'Aragona. His political commitment began in 2006, elected for the first time City Councilor, local elections on May 28th 2006, with the civic list "Giffoni Democratica", obtaining 443 votes of preferences. Administrative elections of May 15th and 16th 2011, with the civic list "Democratici per Giffoni", votes of preferences 1105, Vice Mayor, until April 28th 2015.
His love for his country led him to run for election to show that more can be done with the right commitment. We wanted to show the citizens the candidate as a man, family man, humble worker and passionate about his land, before as a politician.

Three important events were organized beyond the daily meetings with the people.

1) Meeting in the Sala Trauffaut The candidate presented the government plan for the first time in public and the first 10 government actions in the first 10 months of office.

2) Meeting at the Giardino degli Aranci
The event was attended by Councillor Piero De Luca and Franco Picarone, who saw great participation of citizens and predisposition to change.

3) Last meeting in piazza Umberto I
Summary of the government plan, the objectives of each candidate and the candidate for mayor. Preceded by a week of posters, sails and billposting with a simple phrase "E' il momento di cambiare" inviting the citizens to support the change by supporting Antonio Giuliano.

All this was accompanied by a final video-presentation that emotionally involved citizens, a video summarizing the beauty of the Picentino territory and the sensitive person who is Antonio Giuliano. This video was a strong point of the strategic plan and did not have a professional mould just to give the candidate a less formal image closer to the people, that of the fellow citizen. A short story, a presentation of a simple man in moments of daily life, together with his family or walking around the village, in the beauties of the territory.

The Carpinelli era leaves the armchair.

AAntonio Giuliano won with 4793 votes, 58.85% compared to his opponent. An exciting and tenacious campaign, which has become so because of the deep-rooted and complex history behind it, which sees the absolute and undisputed protagonist of the opponent, Ugo Carpinelli. We wanted to communicate the right message, to change, to maintain that message for the duration of the campaign, and to create a real, heartfelt participation, mobilizing fellow citizens and bring them back to a hope of a rebirth of the city of Giffoni. We wanted to highlight Giuliano who chose from among his candidates, people who reflected three fundamental criteria: competence, ability and representation of social groups. It is no coincidence that the pivot of the electoral program is represented by health and development.

"If there is no health, there is no work,
if there is no work, there is no development".
cit.Antonio Giuliano

Together with the working group, I have filed several aspects, the candidate's tendency to be protracted, making a more incisive message. The creation of a slogan that excites, had to hit the mark. "For the good of Giffoni"! Although discreetly, for the success of the campaign, the analysis and reporting of the various candidates were fundamental, the ability to predict media attacks from the counterpart and newspapers, led the electoral group to formulate long-term plans capable of proactively determining and managing risks.

Among the content shared with the population, recordings of each public speech were shared through social channels; in this way, anyone could listen and view these speeches, even those who were not physically present at the event site. Social media made Giuliano's election campaign a sort of continuous electoral speech, spread in small parts, day by day and communicated to most of his fellow citizens.

At the time of voting, Giuliano's personal Facebook page had reached 4083 friends compared to the initial small number of friends. The one of Giuliano against Carpinelli was really a struggle until the last vote, won for different strategies of use of communication and target, not surprisingly the paper was aimed more at adults and the web to collect opinions from younger people.

"I had fun because it was an important challenge, both personal and for the territory" cit. Giovanni Sapere

Trusting to be an example to those who undertake this path, even if tiring, but very satisfying, made possible only by good teamwork. The results obtained are a clear example of how to make the public interact to make them feel part of the campaign, to push them to support more the founder of their party. To find out how neuromarketing influences political marketing, write us in the contact area contactor write us on our official Facebook page .

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