In love, the runner
wins; online, whoever
gets first wins.

Brand & Corporate Identity

Guerrilla Marketing

Why did the American Marketing Gurus of the 80’s decide to assign a name reminiscent of military scenarios and armed struggle to a communication strategy?
With the term Guerrilla we mean a combat mode with a lower cost and that implements military strategies different from the institutional ones, both elements that we find in Guerrilla Marketing:
Low cost and Originality of the Communicative mode.


To study

A Strategy


However, we must not oversimplify: this is not an act of extravagance for its own sake. In Marketing there can be no approximate and unplanned actions.
Studying a strategy is therefore fundamental:
– Who do I turn to?
– What message do I want to communicate?
– Where?
– Is it consistent with my Brand?




Once all these elements have been assimilated, it will be possible to think about the real Communication action: the only limit is Creativity! Creatiwa Studio offers you this: Strategic Marketing and Communication skills, supported by technical skills in the processing of photographic and video content.
Launch your Brand in an incisive and effective way.

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