The Minala campaign at 96'

"We want to do great things rather than go big" is the philosophy of Creatiwa Studio. Uniqueness and creativity distinguish the communication agency that aims to make unconventional choices that are far from passive communication. Having become a partner of Salernitana, it immediately aroused curiosity from its advertising campaign spread on the LEDs on the sidelines of the Arechi Stadium in Salerno, during a match of Salernitana against Avellino.

It was a memorable match on 15/10/2017, the goal of Minala turned the fate of the grenade team upside down at 96'.

Creatiwa studio took advantage of the 15' available to a traditional tool such as LED advertising, in a dynamic and original way, emphasizing with the right words the emotional charge that can give this fantastic sport. And here is the message to the exaltation of Salerno:

Not a few reactions were unleashed on social networks, among them, the controversy of the opposing team. It is clear that the message (spread by several newspapers), has enthused the same Salernitana, as the creativity used did nothing but highlight how many emotions soccer can offer .

As the same Creatiwa studio ia a supporter, wse understand the difficulty of digesting a bitter defeat but the sport is also this:competing and getting excited in mutual respect.. The purpose of the campaign was to generate a sense of belonging and share an emotion. In short, the resonance generated by the episode has triggered countless meme and ironic videos that have gone viral virali in a very short time. Creatiwa Studio Studio has created a project that represents the evolution of a completely innovative entertainment experience. And it intends to carry this project forward following a serial logic with text messages and video elements that attract the attention of supporters, with the sole objective of sharing an emotion, always respecting the rules.

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